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• Netherlands • Denmark

Capoeira group “Grupo Capoeira Malungos” was founded in 2009. Grupo Capoeira Malungos is one of the largest Capoeira groups in Denmark and offers education in Aarhus, Odense, Copenhagen NV, Valby, Copenhagen Nørrebro. The origin of the name “Malungos” originates from the great part of the African slaves who arrived in Brazil during slavery and who spoke Kimbundu. They used the term “Malungu”, which referred to anyone who had crossed the Atlantic on the same ship. The term was gradually expanded and used for other close friends, often fellow travellers. The Capoeira group Malungos consists of a large group of friends from Brazil and large parts of Europe, all traveling towards the same goal. To expand the skills and knowledge within Capoeira and Afrobrasilian culture. The name Malungos refers to this journey and the openness to new people and ideas. Primarily formed by a large group of former students of Mestre Peixinho from Grupo Senzala in Rio de Janeiro, Capoeira Malungos today represents a network of friends and capoeiristas in Brazil and Europe.

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