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In March 2003, the Camboatá Capoeira Group was born in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, one of the drivers of capoeira in the Southern Region of Brazil. Founded by Roberto Costa de Ávila, known in the world of capoeira as master Tucano, Camboatá has, among its objectives, to rescue the value of the master as a producer of culture, to train professionals through techniques, to be a space for the study and research of Afro-Brazilian culture , disseminate and disseminate capoeira as a dynamic method of learning and rhythmic and historical knowledge, besides, of course, developing projects in the social, sporting and cultural spheres. With an eye on social projects, the group develops, in partnership with the federal government, projects that assist children and adolescents in situations of social vulnerability, to whom values ​​cultivated in capoeira are passed, such as respect, solidarity, discipline, friendship, trust and self -esteem. It is not only the students and those assisted by the programs receive the benefits. In Camboatá, the teaching staff instructs the entire community about their rights and duties as citizens. The group assumes that people, the more information they have, the less they will be on the margins of society and aware of their rights and duties.

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