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In 1988 Mestre Eclilson created a Capoeira group and taught classes in Olinda and Recife. In 1990 he received invitations from Canada and the USA to participate at various festivals demonstrating Capoeira. It was during this trip that Mestre Eclilson realised that there was little knowledge of Brazilian culture or Capoeira in Canada and decided to move to Vancouver. In 1999 the official Capoeira Aché Brasil Academy was opened on Broadway in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where Mestre Eclilson began teaching all of his classes, as well as offering classes at University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University. Capoeira Aché Brasil Academy has become the leading Capoeira academy in Vancouver (with approximately 30 classes per week). He also supervises the Academy in Calgary, with outreach classes at universities and recreation centres.

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