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Arte Capoeira aims to be a school for learning the art of capoeira while respecting the body and the environment in which it lives. Founded in 2016 by Haiti, Milho-Verde and Gaviaõ-Branco, all ex-capoeirists of the ABADA-CAPOEIRA association, from which they have drawn significant background and experience bringing them a high-level track record. Arte-Capoeira offers a new approach to this Brazilian art. An approach to be better appreciated and transmitted to Brazilians but also to non-Brazilians. We start from the observation that art is a cultural and educational tool and everyone can discover it and make it their own. An approach that consists of discovering your body, mind and heart as a human person. These three tools are important to help us discover and project ourselves into the outside world. These tools must be developed in balance to make each of us a better being capable of helping our neighbour and developing Arte Capoeira with dignity and respect.

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