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The Capoeira Academy, founded by Timothy Baranzini is aimed primarily at children. In addition to the purely technical and traditional teaching of capoeira, the academy offers workshops with aspects concerning a healthy quality of life : proposing lessons and meetings with other sports and physical activities (team sports, swimming, ...), organizing seminars for a healthy and proper sports nutrition, organizing training sessions aimed at physical strengthening (life path in the woods), walks in the mountains, and much more. Furthermore, the academy pays particular attention to the social aspect of its participants, organizing for example: lunches with families and friends (lunches with Brazilian menu), summer camps in tents, sporting events organized by the municipalities and the canton (sportissima , summer together in Bellinzona), collaborations with sports clubs for exhibitions and shows (gymnastics club), collaboration and presentations in schools (self-managed high school days). The academy aims to create an institution as a point of reference during the personal growth of its students. Friendship, mutual respect, social relations, self-esteem, a healthy and healthy life hygiene are fundamental and intrinsic values ​​of the academy.

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