Abadá-Capoeira Berlin

The group ABADÁ was founded by Mestre Camisa (Jose Tadeu Carneiro Cardoso). Mestre Camisa and his brother Grão Mestre Camisa Roxa (Edvaldo Carneiro e Silva) were students of Mestre Bimba. ABADÁ is a non-profit organization and its purpose is to teach Brazilian culture and Capoeira to preserve values and knowledge about its history. The group has meanwhile spread throughout the world and is always striving to develop and distribute the traditional Capoeira Angola, and the more contemporary Capoeira Regional, in a modern way to further increase its reputation. ABADÁ Capoeira has groups in at least 27 federal states of Brazil and at least 35 countries throughout the world. ABADÁ Capoeira follows the philosophy of development on several layers including the pursuit of technical and theoretical mastership of the student and the group. Within this context, Capoeira is a valuable social, artistic, educational, psychological and cultural means to strengthen and develop both the individual and society.

Website http://www.abada-berlin.de/en/abada-capoeira/
Main contact Instrutora Nativa nativa@abada-berlin.de
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/nativa.abada/

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